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Knowledge work
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by default

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And much
more easier
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What is Collaboration Objects?

The average white collars day consists of sending messages back and forth, participating meetings, searching or editing files, and doing tasks assigned to him or her.

Roughly half of this is done on top of email protocol, and nearly all of that is inaccessible by others in our personal email folders, hidden somewhere in your intranet or document management systems.

We bring all of that available to anyone within the same company or organization (and when given access, to externals as well) through a shared structure and better communications protocol, without compromising any productivity or usability we are already accustomed to.

Collaboration Objects is not social media, nor it is a chat, it’s a tool to get your job done more efficiently.

Why kill email?

There is a paradigm shift ongoing, the amount of private emails sent daily is decreasing, but the amount of daily business emails is still increasing.

The reason for this is the emergence of the so-called social media, which gave consumers easy and instant access to better (=more efficient) means of communication.

So far this has not been available for businesses or organizations, instead various enterprise collaboration tools have entered the market, which have brought very little efficiency to the daily business, instead they have added an additional layer of communication and complexity – yet another place you need to remember to go.

In order to improve the productivity of knowledge work, email must die.



What can you do with Collaboration Objects?

Collaboration Objects manages communication, calendars, tasks, files and people around the objects which are relevant to any company, such as customers, products, suppliers and projects, but also allows creating any object type so that it’s a perfect fit for your organization.

This way Collaboration Objects can be used to do in practice most knowledge work where tailor made software is either already commercially available or not. Collaboration Objects is not intended to replace e.g. your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, but if you don’t yet have one,  Collaboration Objects is a very cost effective tool to do the same – at the same time giving you the possibility to use it for whatever your organization might have the need for.

What about security?

We will not look at your data for any other purposes than platform development and verifying usage violations (e.g. spamming) and for sure will not disclose your personal details or anything else to third parties, whether they be governmental or non-governmental.